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I’m Half my Size and Running My First Marathon


Featured Article by Organic Liaison Member Sunny S., who has lost over 50 pounds over the last year with the OL program.

In a little less than a year, I have almost reached my weight loss goal. The vision of going from a size 16 to an 8 was what first brought me to Kirstie’s Organic Liaison program.

Today, I feel more confident; I have embraced my inner athlete; and I can wear clothes that I used to envy seeing fit on others. I have started to unlock new passions, ideas, and values. The Organic Liaison Life style has not just been a weight loss journey; it has been a source of empowerment and a continuous opportunity to introduce myself to who I can be when I remove fears, excuses, and unhealthy habits from my life!

As I continue to learn, build tools, and gain inspiration from the Organic Liaison journey, I am reminded that: with a little health behind us, anything is possible. We can change our choices and our lives. And the steps to build that foundation towards change do not have to be big, hard, or un-ordinary; small steps and habits can help us achieve extraordinary goals.

A little less than a year ago, I was getting off the subway in NYC. I had to walk up the stairs from the train to get outside. The whole time, I was struggling to get up the steps. After walking a few blocks I felt tired and defeated. Deep down, my inner athlete was fighting to breathe, seemingly saying, “What happened? When did you get this out of shape?”

This past weekend I was in NYC again. I walked up the steps from the train, and, before I even realized it, I’d gone nearly 30 blocks. What’s changed? ME! Thanks to OL, I have learned that I have a passion towards health and that I can be an athlete.

After the New Year, I started running and kept thinking about my approaching my 30th Birthday (July). One thing led to another, and as I was drinking my Rescue Me one morning, I emailed a friend about a marathon I wanted to run 4 days after my birthday. Before I knew it, I was researching training programs, buying running shoes, and building confidence as a runner. Now I run 5-6 miles regularly, and 10-12 miles a couple times a week. I have officially signed up for the race and plan during the first weekend in August plan to complete my first marathon.

A friend asked me how I have embraced my health and inner athlete. My reply was: I began with Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison program and finding out about healthy organic foods. Then I joined a gym and started to build strength and confidence. Along the way, I have discovered a few everyday habits that have helped me get big results.

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