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Kirstie Thanks You for Your Support


Thanks to your votes, Team Kirstie Will
Continue to Make Monday “Fun Day!”

This week, Kirstie and Maks continued to light up the stage with their unique talent for comedic-dance entertainment. Their creative and hilarious Charleston cemented Team Kirstie’s role as life of the DWTS party!

Len exclaimed: “You turn Monday into Fun Day! For FUN, you are the BEST!”

Guest judge Paula Abdul agreed: “What a way to start out the whole night! You’re a joy to watch!”

Bruno added: “You’re a mad woman, and I LOVE you for it.”

Kirstie and Maks once again escaped elimination. But it’s clear that they couldn’t do it without your incredible support!

Thank you for continuing to watch and vote for Team Kirstie, week after week. No doubt, there will be more surprises and hilarity to come next week, when they perform a group dance to the inescapable international guilty pleasure Gangnam Style by Psy. Remember to tune into the LIVE show on Monday at 8|7c on ABC and VOTE!

While giving every performance her all, Kirstie has also continued to look great. This week, judge Carrie Ann remarked: “You look stunning, the best I’ve ever seen you look! You look fabulous!” How has she sustained the youthful glow and natural energy to compete? With her very own Rescue Me.

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DWTS Week 4 – Keep Kirstie & Maks Safe From Elimination!


WEEK 4 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars starts tonight at 8|7c, with Kirstie & Maks up first, dancing the Charleston! Don’t forget to watch and VOTE!

Kirstie and Maks need your support! Here’s how to make sure you vote as early and as many times as possible:


You can vote as soon as the show starts. For the first half of the season, you can vote as many times as there are contestants left in the competition. For example, this week there will be 9 contestants, so you can vote 9 times per account. (Later, when there are 5 contestants or less, you can only vote 5 times per account.)



1. PHONE (Try as soon as the Monday show starts!)
Call (800) 868-3412.

Phone lines open RIGHT when the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show. You should try to vote by phone vote as soon as the show starts. Every vote is important, and if you try to vote after the end of the show you’ll have a hard time getting through. You can vote on as many phones as you have access to.

AT&T users can also text the word “VOTE” to “3412″. Once again, you can vote as many times as there are contestants still left. You can text votes and call in votes from the same phone.

You can email online votes at, here.

On Monday nights (LIVE show nights), you will see a “VOTE” tab on the site. You need to have an account to vote online. Either create your FREE account before the show starts, or sign in with your Facebook or Twitter ID. You can vote with AS MANY ACCOUNTS as you create!

Vote with the DWTS Facebook App, here.

If you love Team Kirstie, spread the word!


Don’t miss a minute of Team Kirstie’s DWTS journey!
Sign up for Kirstie’s email list at to get up-to-date recaps. “Like” Kirstie’s Facebook Page, and follow Kirstie on Twitter.

DWTS WEEK 3: Kirstie & “Maks” Jagger Cha-Cha Past Double Elimination


Kirstie tackled Week 3’s harrowing Double Elimination Challenge with what she thought would be her best edge on the stiff competition: fearlessness.

She chose to re-invent TV host Carson Kressley’s past Cha-Cha by throwing in ambitious creative twists. With the help of some unexpected props (a Mini Cooper and screaming entourage), a catchy beat (Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger), Maks “Jagger” in a wig, and enough chemistry to bring the house down, Team Kirstie delivered full-fledged entertainment—and their best performance yet!

Putting up 8’s across the board, the judges were in agreement:

“Thank you, that was the most fun I’ve had all night. That was your best dance so far out of the season.” —Carrie Ann

“Such fun, good Cha-Cha, nice timing, good foot placement. It was the whole package!” —Len

“You’re fully loaded with camp fun! It was the most fun I’ve had up to now.” —Bruno

Thanks to your support, Kirstie and Maks survived last night’s results show. With the difficult Charleston up next week, your votes will be as vital as ever! So remember to tune into the LIVE show on Monday at 8|7c on ABC, then vote right after!

Every day, Kirstie is proving that age is just a number, staying strong and naturally energized with her own Rescue Me.

Have what she’s having: the energy of a 20 year old and the fearlessness to put her best foot forward!

DWTS WEEK 2: Kirstie Delivers with a Sultry Jive


After last week, Kirstie was determined to nail the difficult Jive on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars. During rehearsals, Maks helped Kirstie keep her competition in perspective (“20-year-olds and Olympic Gold Medalists!”). Kirstie joked: “Three lifetimes of Shawn (Johnson, Olympic Gold Winning Gymnast) is how old I am, so [Maks] has to push me!”

In the moment of truth, Kirstie delivered a sultry Jive as a French woman of the night—sassy fringe dress, wig, and all! Judge Len Goodman called the performance: “Neat, precise… a great improvement on last week!” Judge Bruno Tonioli enthused, “You played it beautifully!” Post-performance, when asked about her thoughts on standing out against formidable opponents and keeping a positive mindset, Kirstie said: “The only thing you can ever be in life is yourself because that’s the only thing that someone else can’t be.”

Kirstie’s hard work paid off, and your votes saved her from elimination! But next week will be the most challenging yet, with the All-Stars doing their own choreography—and the threat of a DOUBLE ELIMINATION. Team Kirstie needs you more than ever, so remember to tune into the LIVE show Monday at 8|7c on ABC, then vote right after! (Again, here are the voting rules.)

Every day, Kirstie is proving that age is just a number, staying strong and naturally energized with her own Rescue Me. For a limited time, you can BUY 1 GET 1 FREE bottle of Rescue Me. That’s a 1-month supply for just 49.95! Sale ends soon!

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DWTS WEEK 1: Kirstie is Hot to (Fox) Trot… And Give Out Lip Locks!


Kirstie and Maks opened the new season of Dancing with the Stars: All Stars with a Fox Trot full of emotion and elegance. Kirstie dazzled in a fitted floor-length gown, finished full of energy, and received the judges’ critiques well. While the judges comments were a bit unexpected, the real surprise came after the review.

Before heading offstage, Kirstie planted a big, long kiss on unsuspecting and gracious host Tom Bergeron, followed by: “That was for your Emmy!” (This past Sunday, Tom picked up an Emmy for hosting DWTS.) She later explained to Access Hollywood: “He deserved it! He should have won many more… before that. Finally, he wins his Emmy and gets his just desserts.”

Last night’s results show revealed Kirstie and Maks safe to dance another week, thanks to fans’ votes! Remember to tune into the LIVE show next Monday at 8|7c on ABC to see Team Kirstie take on the jive—then vote right after! Here are the voting rules in an easy-to-save/share image.

Don’t Miss Kirstie’s Return to Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars, 2 Night Premiere Starts Tonight on ABC at 8|7c


Dancing with the Stars: All-Star Edition premieres tonight, September 24th, on ABC at 8|7c.

Now a seasoned all-star and popular favorite, Kirstie reunites with dance partner Maks Chmerkovskiy for a second shot at the Mirror Ball Trophy. Last time, Kirstie and Maks’ electric chemistry lit up the dance floor and landed them in the DWTS Season 12 finals. This time, a fitter, more confident Kirstie is poised to win it all. What surprises does Kirstie have in store for her first dance? Tune in tonight to find out!

It’s also Maks’ last season, so you can be sure that Team Kirstie will be pulling out all the stops. Don’t forget to watch and vote every week!


Get ready! This season, there are 4 convenient ways help Kirstie win! Vote by phone, text message, online at, or online at

1. Call (800) 868-3412.
2. Text VOTE to 3412—for AT&T wireless subscribers only.
3. Vote at—register for a free account or simply sign in through your existing Facebook or Twitter account.
4.Vote at—go directly to
Phone and text voting is open in your local time zone from the beginning of every Monday show show until 60 minutes after the end of the Monday show.

Online voting at both and Facebook is open from the beginning of the Monday show until 11AM ET / 8AM PT the next day.

Don’t forget, you can vote all 4 ways, and you can vote more than once!

Check out the Official DWTS Voting FAQ, here.

To celebrate Kirstie’s first dance, Organic Liaison is extending the BEST DEAL EVER, by popular demand, to Wednesday 9/26/12.

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Kirstie and Organic Liasion featured on “The Dr. Oz Show”


A sexy and confident Kirstie opened up to Dr. Oz about her weight loss history: growing up an athlete, gaining weight after 50, how it all led to Organic Liaison, and her incredible organic/natural products. She also revealed personal secrets to keeping the weight off for good: a typical day’s worth of her own healthy meal recipes, eating to boost her metabolism, and organic grocery shopping the right way! Dr. Oz showed her the effects of yo-yo dieting on the human heart. And in return, Kirstie showed him a few Dancing with the Stars-style dance moves.

They also covered dating after divorce, feel-good tips for real women, and more!

Click Here to See Exclusive Video Clips…

…related to our appearance on the The Dr. Oz Show!

Kirstie’s “Wild” and Fun Interview with “Extra”


Kirstie Alley was featured on The Dr. Oz Show on Monday, and Extra correspondent A.J. Calloway caught up with a vibrant, sexy Kirstie backstage at the taping.

Asked about finally conquering her weight, Kirstie said: “I know I’ve conquered it, but you always have to keep it in check.

Kirstie shared her weight maintenance secrets, which includes dancing an hour a day and a simple, organic philosophy: “Eat the food you love, just not food with chemicals!”

Kirstie also gave her thoughts on  the “beautiful, talented“ Jessica Simpson, dating and men, and her upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars: All-Star Edition (premiering Monday 9/24/12 on ABC at 8|7c).

Watch Kirstie’s “wild” and fun interview now »

A Slimmer, Fitter Kirstie Looks forward to Dancing with the Stars


Kirstie’s Still Winning her Body Game and
Looking Forward to an Exciting Fall Season

[Photo: Getty Images, September 9, 2012 in New York, NY]

After losing 100 lbs. over a year ago, Kirstie’s been on a roll. Hot off the heels of placing 2nd on Dancing with the Stars, she walked designer Zang Toi’s runway during New Fashion Week 2011, then started penning her tell-all book. This January, she also launched 100 Days of Dance, a national grassroots campaign to get America fit and healthy by encouraging everyone to dance for 100 consecutive days.

Throughout this incredible ride, Kirstie has stayed on top, maintaining her weight loss while inspiring others—from celebrities to Organic Liaison members and 100 Days of Dance fans—to lose weight the healthy way. Read More »

Kirstie Emcees at BookExpo America, Promoting Her New Book


A fabulous looking Kirstie took the podium at the BEA breakfast as both emcee and author. Much to the crowd’s delight, she held down the boisterous event with humor, insight, and an introduction to her much anticipated memoir, The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine Al Dente), out November 13, 2012.

What the smitten audience had to say »

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